Catering for that special event at home? Need some quality food where your friends and family can eat more and you spend less? If you have answered yes, then give us a call! We can cater for your whole event or simply add a few items to your menu, the choice is yours.
*Please Note:
Pre-ordering is required with an estimate of 72 hours notice for most catering items.

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Creamy cheese sauce layered within tender slices of potatoes in this classic French dish, all combined to make a deliciously addictive experience. It's a great side dish with a roast pork loin or beef eye fillet. Add a green salad and French bread, and you have found the magic. Can be cut into portions for your convenience. 
$66 for 2 Trays 
(2 trays = 1 serve)*

LASAGNE (beef)

Traditional lasagne with layers of rich meat sauce, creamy mascarpone cheese sauce and fresh pasta sheets topped with a layer of golden melted mozzarella cheese. Can be cut into portions for your convenience.  
$75 for 2 Trays 
(2 trays = 1 serve)*

LASAGNE (vegetarian)

Traditional lasagne with layers of rich Napoli sauce, mascarpone creamy cheese sauce and thinly sliced sweet potato, spinach and fresh pasta sheets topped with a layer of golden melted mozzarella cheese. Can be cut into portions for your convenience. 
$75 for 2 Trays 
(2 trays = 1 serve)*


This Italian Beef or Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni is a great meal the whole family will enjoy. fresh pasta tubes filled & topped with golden melted mozzarella cheese & rich Napoli sauce. Beef or Spinach and ricotta available. 16 portions per tray.
$75 for 2 Trays
(2 trays = 1 serve)*


Our endless collection of pasta recipes includes flavours for every palate and all occasions, from simple basil pesto to creamy cheese sauces. Simply select your pasta type & then the sauce to match.

Any Pasta Type: Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle, Tortellini

Pasta Sauce (1) trays (2) Trays
Napolitana $40 $60
Bolognaise $40 $60
Carbonara $40 $60
Matriciana $40 $60
Pesto $40 $60
Sofia (white) $50 $70
Sofia (Red) $50 $70
Marinara $50 $70


Slow cooked Pork and Beef Meatballs in a rich Tomato Napoli Sauce. Our suggestion is to add with Spaghetti, for the perfect combo! 
(1) Tray $45 (20 meatballs) 
(2) Trays $65 (40 meatballs) 

SPAGHETTI DEL PESCATORE (fisherman's spaghetti)

A wonderful pasta dish made with fresh fish, Moreton Bay bug, calamari, scallops, tiger prawns, shrimp and mussels cooked in white wine with Basil, Garlic, cherry tomatoes and virgin Olive Oil.
(1) Tray $55
(2) Trays $80

ARANCINI (sicilian stuffed rice balls)

Another Italian specialty where just about every Italian housewife has her own special recipe and this is ours. Stuffed with meat sauce, ham and a gooey mozzarella cheese centre, then cooked to achieve a crispy outer layer and delicate inside. Great for parties for all to share.
Portion Serve (each) $4ea
Minimum Order of 20 required


Our salads are delicious & healthy as we use fresh ingredients and seasoning to make them tasty and a joy to eat. Simply select your type & enjoy:

Any Salad (1) Tray (2) Trays
Garden $35 $50
Greek $40 $60
Thai (vegetarian) $40 $60
Moroccan $40 $60
Pasta $40 $60
Caesar $50 $70
Mediterranean $50 $70
Char Grilled (Chicken) $60 $80
Peppered Squid $60 $80
Smoked Salmon $60 $80

Or ask if you wish us to make you a special favourite.

Extras Add-Ons: $ Price on Application. Call our staff so we can cater to your needs;

+ Avocado
+ Chicken
+ Lamb
+ Beef
+ Salmon
+ Prawns (Grilled or Fresh)
+ Calamari (Grilled or Fried)


We have spent months aiming to perfect our pizza dough with 50% less salt and yeast and we feel we have achieved that balance where our dough gives the pizza an authentic flavor and texture - give it a GO!


Here are some of the Great Deal Offers that include our tantilizing food;

Party Deal $95
10 x Pizzas (Large)  
1 x Garlic Focaccia (Large)  
1 x Herb Focaccia (Large)  
Pasta Deal $95
10 x Pastas (Large)  
1 x Garlic Focaccia (Large)  
1 x Herb Focaccia (Large)  
Group Deal $65
3 x Pizzas (Large)  
3 x Pastas (Large)  
1 x Garlic or Herb Focaccia (Large)  
1 x Garden Salad (Large)  
Dinner Deal $45
2 x Main Meals  
1 x Garlic or Herb Focaccia (Small)  
2 x Soft Drink Cans  
Family Deal $35
2 x Pizzas (Large)  
2 x Pastas (Large)  
Plus choice of either one:  
1 x Garlic or Herb Focaccia (Large)  
1 x Chips (Large)  
1 x Garden Salad (Large)  
Couples Deal $22
1 x Pizza (Large)  
1 x Pasta (Large)  
1 x Garlic or Herb Focaccia (Small)  
2 x Soft Drink Cans  
Singles Deal $12
1 x Pizza (Large)  
or 1 x Pasta (Large)  
1 x Soft Drink Can  


Sofia Frankston now offers the awesome CONNOISSEUR premium ice cream. With sophisticated and creative ingredient combinations, delivering an exciting and luxurious eating experience for true ice cream lovers

Try a flavour that works for you, with any Meal Deal order:
+ 470ml $9.80